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Glacier's Mishka

Birth Date:  July 26, 2010

Colour: Brown and White

Registration: CLAA   #40468        

Sire: King Gregory           Dam:  Heather

Mishka is surely to have amazing stud potential. His father is the famous King Gregory.   He is very curious and a lovely addition to our ranch.






Ashley of Ash Meadow


DOB:   July 12, 2007

Colour:  Dark Brown

Registration: CLAA #36379   ARI #31410595

Sire:  Jaguars Dream    Dam:  K.A. Clementine

Ashley of Ash Mountain is an amazing miniature Alpaca.  Her small stature, incredible fleece and amazing personality make her a Super Star.


 Annie Favoured Grace

DOB: June 18, 2003

Colour: Dark Brown

Registration: CLAA 32273

Sire: Jaguar’s Dream

 Dam: Tina 2nd

Annie Favoured Grace – very gentle female, easy to handle, and an excellent mother. You can approach Annie at any time and enjoy her luxurious fleece. Annie can bring the colour genetics and fiber density of her Sire Jaguar’s Dream (dark brown) and Grand Sire NGG Lional (light fawn) to any breeding program plus strong bones from her Peruvian heritage.





Birth Date:   Unknown – Seven years old

Colour: White

Registration:  Unregistered

Balu is a rescue.  We obtained him after his mother was killed by dogs and he needed to be with a herd.  He is a Fibre boy with awesome fleece.





Birth Date: September 3, 2008

Colour: White

Registration: CLAA

Sire:  Maximilian Von Broom Face     

Dam: Roselani Heavenly Rose


Pure White !!  Very timid but very sweet.  She has great fleece and is a real beauty as her mother is.  


Roselani Heavenly Rose

DOB: June 9, 2003

Colour: Rose Grey

Registration: CLAA 32165

Sire: Jaguar’s Dream

Dam: Prima


Roselani Heavenly Rose – has inherited the best of all worlds.  She is a beautiful Rose-Grey colour with fleece that is very dense, silky soft, and deep bold crimp.  She knows she’s a beauty.  Rose’s outstanding fiber qualities come from her Sire Jaguar’s Dream and her Grand Sire NGG Lional.  



 Heather Bearer of God's Gifts


Birth Date: July 1, 2005

Colour: White

Registration: CLAA 32271

Sire: Rainy One

Dam: Arropaca Princess

Heather Bearer Of God’s Gifts – bold crimp, great density, super fine handling fleece. She is has great conformation. Heather is extremely friendly and is always the first girl to the gate to welcome visitors.


Belladonna Beautiful Woman


Birth Date: June 18, 2005

Colour: Brown

Registration: CLAA 32274

Sire: Jaguar’s Dream

Dam: Prima

Belladonna Beautiful Woman – has fine fiber, a rich brown colour with excellent density and coverage that comes from her Sire Jaguar’s Dream and Grand Sire NGG Lional. Her face is beautifully marked and the markings run down the front of her neck



 Maximilian Von Broom Face


DOB: June 1, 2003

Colour: White with black saddle

Registration: CLAA 32889 & ARI 30713710

Sire: Hawkeye’s Santa Ana

Dam: Hawkeye’s Mucho Paprika

Maximilian is a Bolivian and Chilean herdsire with outstanding qualities. He has inherited his excellent conformation and fine dense fibre from his Sire "Hawkeye’s Santa Ana" and Grand Sire, the award winning "Acero Marka’s Centauso". Maximilian’s colour is snow white with a black saddle.  Max is a Fibre boy with amazing fleece.





 King Gregory


Birth Date: May 28, 2006

Colour: Black

Registration: CLAA 32774

Sire: Hawkeye's Santa Ana

Dam: Roselani Heavenly Rose


King Gregory is outstanding, in appearance and temperment.  He has incredibly uniform and dense black fleece. His Sire "Hawkeye’s Santa Ana" and Grand Sire, the award winning "Acero Marka’s Centauso, combined with his Dam, “Rose" whose Sire is Jaguar’s Dream and Grand Sire is NGG Lional both Peruvian, has created great genetics in all his offspring.  


R & R Apollo SHURA 050K


Birth Date: June 10, 2000

Colour: Medium Fawn

Registration: CLAA  27760   ARI  1279627

Sire: Peruvian Apollo

Dam: Ava r & R docasa Thea 802H


Shura is a great female and has produced five excellent cria, is a good mother and births easily. She is a great foundation female and welcome addition to our herd.


 P.S.A. Finnegan 

Birth Date: May 16, 2007

Colour: Light Fawn

Registration: CLAA 36352  ARI  31039390

Sire: RFA Skywalker   

Dam: R & R Apollo Shura 050K


Absolutely outstanding Finnegan.  He has great genetics , wonderful conformation, with great crimp.   75% Full Peruvian 1/4 Chile


 Willow  of the Glacier


Birth Date:  July 11, 2009

Colour: Brown and White

Registration: CLAA  38411

Sire: King Gregory

Dam:  Belladonna Beautiful Woman


Glacier’s Willow is a sweetheart.  She is beautiful in temperament and has loads of personality with amazing fleece. 


Titan of the Glacier


Birth Date:   June 6, 2008

Colour: White

Registration: CLAA  36726 ARI 31410625

Sire: RFA Skywalker

Dam:  R & R Apollo Shura


Titan is Glacier Alpacas prize.  He has amazing stud potential, dense fibre with loads of crimp.  75% Peruvian 25% Accoyo


Glacier’s Legend


Birth Date:  June 16, 2009

Colour:  Dark Brown

Registration: CLAA  38412

Sire: King Gregory

Dam: Heather Bearer of God’s Gifts.

Son of King Gregory!  Legend has amazing stud potential.  He has an amazing personality,  great fleece and is simply gorgeous.


Glacier's Summer Rayna


Birth Date:  August 4, 2010

Colour:  White and  Caramel

Registration: CLAA #40665            ARI #31410588

Sire: Maximillan            Dam:  R & R Apollo Shura 050K

Rayna is simply stunning.  She has mother's outstanding fleece and her father's outstanding personality.  She is a true  gem in every sense.



Glacier's Mateo


Zorro of the Glacier














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