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Kootenay Business Article - 2011

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Perfecting pedigrees

Quality is the name of the game for Glacier Alpacas and Golden Retrievers

The Robinsons breed a type of alpaca known as huacaya, which boasts a thick, textured coat. Danielle Cameron, Koocanusa Publications staff writer

Published February 2011

When Penny and Linton Robinson moved from Vancouver Island to Nelson four years ago, they came across a serene little ranch that called out to them. They decided to start Glacier Alpacas and Golden Retrievers, combining their love for two animals—golden retrievers and alpacas—into one quality breeding enterprise.

“As Linton is recently retired, we felt we had the time to not only raise alpacas but the beautiful golden retrievers we love so much,” said Penny. “We have not jumped into this lightly. (We) sought out mentors for ourselves in regard to breeding beautiful, healthy golden retrievers. Our first litter is expected in the late spring of 2011.”

The Robinsons have chosen good breeding stock when it comes to all their animals, selecting dogs that are purebred, registered, and come from an exceptional line of English golden retrievers. The alpacas are also registered, in the U.S. and in Canada.

Taking the right approach

The breeding industry in general is complex, and the Robinsons have spent a lot of time and effort learning to go about it the right way. They gained hands-on experience caring for the animals in all respects (for example, the alpacas are only fed top-quality organic hay from the Kootenays), and are constantly seeking the knowledge of other experts in the field.

“We have studied and researched, sought advice and expertise from fellow alpaca owners, and our most incredible shearers, Dave and Connie Carlson from Fort Macleod, Alberta, as well as our large animal vet, Dr. Colleen Kramer of Fruitvale,” said Penny. “Our golden retriever mentor from Vancouver Island has taught us the importance of breeding the healthiest golden retrievers ever. We have health guarantees for our puppies and take applications for the puppies very seriously, ensuring a loving, lifetime home for them. ”

An enchanting community

The Robinsons' attention to quality does not go unnoticed in the Nelson community, which has welcomed the couple warmly.

“We are so encouraged by the positive feedback we receive on our amazing alpaca products,” said Penny, “which include socks, insoles, yarn and felts. It is clear that Nelson likes to buy local. We are totally enchanted with the overall environment of this great area.  The lifestyle here is second to none but it is even more than that—it’s the residents of Nelson who have brought us back.”


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