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Quotes We can't say enough about how great Penny and Linton were from the day we first talked through to Angus coming home with us. We visited a number of times as the puppies grew and they made us feel like part of the family, gave us excellent advice and, best of all, they treated each puppy like their own. Angus says thank you for helping him be so healthy and happy! Quotes
Josh & Amanda
Angus' pack

Quotes We have had the pleasure of purchasing Charley Morgan from this breeder. We were drawn to Glacier Goldens after seeing their website and communicating with Penny & Linton They are phenomenal breeders and even better people. They care about their puppies and about the homes these puppies go to. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of purchasing a puppy from them. The help doesn't stop when you take your new addition home as you can call them anytime. We have owned 3 goldens now and this was by far the easiest one. I would also recommend the Kuranda Dog Bed as Charley Morgan went on it as soon as I built it. It also works great for sleeping grandchildren. As the people stop me and tell me what a beautiful Golden I have and ask where I got him from. I take great pleasure and am honoured to tell them Penny & Linton at GLACIER GOLDENS in Cobble Hill. Quotes
Jeff & Laureen Campbell
Extremely Happy Couple

Quotes Having grown up around retrievers (labs) and a Golden most recently (4 years ago he passed away), I have always had a soft spot for these incredible, loving and gentle breeds! Having been without one for a few years, we were excited to look for a new one!! Friends of ours led us to Glacier Goldens and once connected with them, everything easily fell into place. From the website to communications with Penny and Linton, the experience was enjoyable, professional and informative! After selecting a puppy, we travelled to pick him up and spent a little time at Glacier Golden's!! Beautiful spot. immaculately clean and a very natural set up for the dogs!! Our new pup, Buck, compared to previous dog's we have owned, is even more relaxed, gentle and easy to train. The genetic's here are outstanding!! Just an awesomely beautiful dog! I encourage anyone looking for a new Golden, to work with Penny and Linton. Your expectations will be far exceeded in every way!! Cheers Quotes
John Peacock
Animal Lover

Quotes I finally found my whitish golden girl I had been looking for from Glacier Alpacas and Goldens. It was the luckiest day of my life! Penny and Linton were so awesome! I woke up many mornings with fresh videos and pictures of my little one so I could see how she was growing. When we arrived to pick her up, we could not believe how beautiful all of the puppies were! Mia adapted so well to our little family and we had a very smooth 7 hour drive back home! She immediately learned her name, was potty trained and kennel trained. She knows ?sit, down, shake, come to touch on command? and her recall is just amazing!!! Mia is super smart, lovely, very social and athletic. She spends tons of time playing and having naps, cuddling on top of Cheese (our other Golden). We are so grateful to Penny and Linton to have picked us to be the parents of their little girl! I cannot imagine life without her. She is adorable and the perfect fit for our family! A million thanks. You completed us!!!! Quotes
Chris, Adriana, Cheese & Mia
The Luckiest Family

Quotes From the first time we contacted Penny and Linton, it was clear that Glacier Goldens was a perfect fit for our family. We found their attention to detail in screening puppy applicants, and later in educating and engaging potential puppy families, to be indicative of their passion and appreciation for their dogs. We were last in line for a female puppy, meaning we would not be able to pick out our pup. This caused zero anxiety for us, however, because we knew how much emphasis Penny and Linton put on placing their puppies with the right forever homes. We ended up getting the PERFECT pup for our lifestyle, completely in line with what we requested in our application. North is sweet, agreeable, intelligent and GORGEOUS! We literally can?t go anywhere with her without people melting into puddles at the sight of her. I can?t say enough good things about Glacier Goldens. The dogs are excellent, the people are wonderful and the facility is amazing. We are so happy to be part of the GG family. Quotes
The Wagner Family
North's Pack

Quotes Linton and Penny were great right from the start. They responded to my emails right awayand always answered my phone calls. They were very patient with us as we tried to pick out our puppy - which was nearly impossible as they were all so sweet and adorable!! we never felt rushed and always felt welcome to visit the litter before it was time for our little Gus to come home. They treat their animals with exceptional care and all the puppies were very happy and healthy. We feel welcome to come back and visit as our little boy grows, thank you both for all your hard work, we are so in love with our Gus. Quotes
Lisa, Mike, Claire and Hugh
Golden Gus's Forever Family

Quotes Here I am again. My testimonial is so long that I needed two entries. Please read them both. Most breeders say good-bye to you at the end of the driveway and you never hear from them again. Linton and Penny continue to keep in touch with us, sending us emails on important dog-raising issues, posting our puppies pictures on facebook-answering any questions we might have. I cannot say enough good things about our experience-I would wait forever to get another puppy from Linton and Penny. To the future owners of Nahlah's litter of 2016-ENJOY!!! Quotes
Pat Van Roekel
Happy Owner

Quotes Hi Everyone who is looking for a Golden, I have just re-read the testimonials as this is what attracted us to Linton and Penny, I researched many breeders until I came upon Glacier Goldens and that is when my searching stopped. I had found the perfect place to buy my next dog. Little did I realize that I was getting the best dog I have owned in my entire life. I have had three goldens before, loved each one enormously, thought they too were perfect, but Sophie exceeds them all. She came home at 9 weeks and everyone commented on how calm she was. And she has stayed that way. She is so patient, waiting for direction from us, smart, loves all people and pets and children. We adore her. Quotes
Leroy and Pat Van Roekel
Happy owners

Quotes Continued: Being unable to come and pick out our puppy in person due to various reasons, you worked closely with us, asking what we were looking for in a new family member, and you managed to select the PERFECT fit for us. Being able to come and see where Murphy was born, and meeting both of his parents along with his human "grandparents" was an amazing experience. We were welcomed to your home as though we had known each other for years rather than just a few weeks. Being part of the Glacier family is amazing. We always look forward to the updates and photos of Murphy's sibling and how they are doing. I hope to one day to travel back to the Island and bring Murphy for a visit. I very much look forward to keeping in touch over the years. i would hope that should life ever bring you into the BC Interior that you would stop by for a visit. There will always be an open invitation to come and play awhile..... Sincerely, Della, Tim and Murphy PETERS Quotes
Della, Tim and Murphy PETERS
Being part of the Glazier Family is Amazing

Quotes It has now been three (3) months now since we brought little Murphy home, and he's not quite so little anymore. We'd like to thank you for entrusting us with this beautiful little love. he is such a sweet spirit and brings us smiles and laughter each day with his cheeky personality. I had my doubts about purchasing a puppy through a breeder. I've always perceived them to be domineering and less than approachable. Our experience with you could not be more opposite. From the moment we knew Nahlah was expecting up to the day we picked up our puppy, I have nothing but good things to say. Having not been "puppy parents" for about 15 years, we were a bit rusty. We had many questions about the whole process and you answered them all without getting irritated with all of our phone calls, e-mails! We were never made to feel belittled the way some breeders treat their clients, and we were excited to learn that we were able to pick his name. CONTINUED NEXT POSTING.......... Quotes
Della, Tim and Murphy PETERS
Being part of the Glazier Family is Amazing
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